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The first service we offer is transparent information both on general topics and on specific issues.

“Transparent” does not mean “true”, but at least enables the reader know WHO says WHAT, and match that information with other sources.

Transparency, first of all, implies systematically declaring any possible conflict of interest.

Here are the filters we usually adopt:

1) Minimize the “background noise”, i.e.: the bulk of information from uncertain or unreliable sources.

2) Quote the original sources, at the most appropriate level;

3) Reveal the funding sources, direct and indirect;

4) Accord priority to critical information, in an effort to counter-balance many different censorships that the media usually apply to them;

5) Accord priority to educative and/or popularizing works.

You can retrieve the information we give from the Teaching Aids section, sorting by different keys (Title, Topic, language, etc.).

We would like to express in advance our gratitude towards all those who will contribute their observations and/or integrations, writing to mail@eoleo.org.