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U&Us (You and Us) is a free association of people who intend to promote a transparent use of clean energy and information on our planet, with a special attention to small Communities in poor Countries.

Our history:

U&Us has been founded by Leopoldo Salmaso (link a pagina personale), a doctor with a long experience in Community Health and Development, accumulated through work and applied research in Italy and Tanzania for more than 30 years.

Our vision:

Our planet Earth (better: Gaia) is a harmonious organism where every living being, including the so called “primitive” communities, cooperates by constantly recycling the free matter and energy for the welfare and development of every one, without leaving any waste. We, the members of the “consumer in-civilization”, do urgently need to recover the old wisdom because we are exploiting the resources, the energy, and the information in a selfish and violent attitude, thus jeopardizing our own physical, psychical, spiritual, social and economical well being, together with the well being of the whole Mankind and of Gaia.

Our mission:

To promote a naturally sustainable (i.e.: balanced and transparent) use of matter and energy on our planet, especially by facilitating the access of small Communities in poor Countries to unbiased information and to appropriate technology, and by recovering a more sober lifestyle for everybody.