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Windmills Eo-LeoTM

The trade mark Eo-LeoTM identifies a family of windmills that have been designed and patented by U&Us, in collaboration with othe Founding Members of the Eoleo Community, with technologies appropriate to the developing Countries. The instructions, drawings and any other information concerning the Eo-LeoTM windmills are shared for free among the Members of the EOLEO Community, under an “opensource - copyleft ” licence.


The Eo-LeoTM project adopts the more advanced worldwide know-how and applies it through the best technologies accessible to poor Countries, so that they can obtain the maximum efficiency and reliability (almost 20 years endurance) at very low costs and with a minimum degree of dependence from external markets.


The Eo-LeoTM windmills are designed in the following basic range:

- micro: 100 - 1,900 Watt rated power;

- mini: 2 - 19 KiloWatt rated power;

- medi: 20 - 100 KiloWatt rated power.

See also: Eolic Open Licenses for Equal Opportunities.ppt (free download)

For more information, and to join the EOLEO Community, write to: mail@eoleo.org